Stainless steel gear case : High life time value

Stainless steel gear box made from precision casting (Lost WAX) offer paint free and long last durability and therefore yields high life time value.

 Universal mounting

Longer life time under hash cleaning condition

Acculab II : Metering/Dosing/Filling Hygienic Rotary lobe pump

Specially designed for superior metering accuracy.

 Minimize pulsation, precise volumetric dosing.

Multi-lobe rotor design allows precise volumetric dosing for filling and packaging, lab and pilot plant, or manufacturing application with small flow rate.

Wine Pumps : The best choice for wine making process.

• Helical-lobe rotor can be handling wine flow smooth as silk.
• Low pulsation, Low shear rate
• Lower oxygen to contact wine
• Specially designed triple lip seal for wine application
• Special design rotor are made of food grade plastic engineering, are safe from galling seeds, skin and stem of grape and other.