Sanitary Twin Screw Pump

Double screw Double purpose



2-in1 operation for both products transfer and CIP


High speed rage (up to 3000 rpm)


Pulsation free for gentle operation.


Perfect CIP & SIP fully certified by 3-A & EHEDG

✔ Unique 'one piece with large radius corner screw case' design
✔ Fully drainable front cover
✔ Large radius corner case to avoid dead corners for a smooth flow with Anti-Cavitation design
✔ Compact front loaded self-balanced mechanical seal system
✔ Higher suction performance and higher capacity
✔ Pulsation-free and gentle pumping of shear sensitive product
✔ Compact 'front loaded self-balanced mechanical sealing system
✔ Wetted components made of 316L stainless steel (Ra <0.8 μm)
✔ Stainless Steel Gear Box

One piece case with large radius corner The most unique design at screw-case which differentiated from others enable to avoid the dead space at discharge port and ensure smooth flow path with anti-cavitation at discharge port typically.

Compact & diverse shaft sealing system
Front loaded self-balanced mechanical shaft sealing system
Easy & fast maintenance.


New ! Integral Gear Type





✔ Integral geared adaptor with B5, 4pole motor directly coupled.


Provides the most cost & space effective due to the size and higher Efficiency of 4 pole motor.

Stainless steel Gearbox consists of large cavity chamber with double angular ball bearing good for high speed with less heated.



The pumps can also be supplied as a ‘bare shaft’, i.e. pumps head only without motor or common bed. Or they can be supplied as a ‘complete unit’ with drive (geared motor), coupling & guard, common bed.


Optional: heating jacket as well as hardened conveyor screws and housing