CIP Return pump JEPS series

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A New Generation  CIP Return pump


CIP return applications, Emptying tanks, Conveying products containing gas.


Higher suction, Higher pressure
Lower Noise, Lower Energy consumption
Faster CIP with Low maintenance


More Efficient than other


Air screw rotor with impeller, a new generation of hygienic self-priming centrifugal pumps
Unique air screw is fitted upstream of the suction side of pump and self-priming capable of conveying products.


Air screw spinning in eccentric arranged priming liquid chamber and a recirculation loop to generate the liquid ring.


Benefits :

• Improve You CIP system
• Only one pump for CIP return and product
• High suction
• High pressures and fast cleaning
• Lower noise
• Lower power Require
• Very good cleaning properties
• Dead space free design
• Very high efficiency
• Transport products containing a large amount of gas
• Meet EHEDG, 3A standard
• Easy Maintenance
• Front-loading seal design
• CIP and SIP