Circumferential Piston Sanitary pump

Replace U I and UII
EHEDG, 3A, ATEX certified

Universal Solution for all hygienic application food, candy, chocolate, ice cream, dairy, cosmetic, house-hold, find chemical, pharmaceutical, bioprocess and other application.

Benefit :

• Stainless steel gear case (standard)
• Cost effective for Circumferential piston pump
• Stainless steel 316L or Alloy 88 (on request)
• Lower Maintenance cost
• Lower spare part cost
• More Easy to maintenance
• Front-Loading Seal design by world’s first original
• Low pulsation
• High efficiency, High suction, High pressures
• Fast cleaning
• Not contaminate & No dead zone
• Excellent suction performance
• Interchangeable seal type (mechanical seal, Triple Lip seal, O-ring and other on you request)


All you need : Hygienic, robust, easy to maintain, durable, economical.


True CIP

More Hygienic designed
Special designed seal & part
No dead zone ,No contaminate
Fully CIP & SIP-able
EHEDG, 3A, ATEX certified
Hygienic Rotor bolt
Food safety performance